Pr JB Fourtillan answears questions from Pr H. Joyeux

In this Holy year of mercy, as decreed by Pope Francis, we are delighted to announce the discovery of the Sleep-Wake system to men and women around the world.This system consists of three hormones, secreted by the pineal gland during sleep, which protect our body and guarantee the regulation of mental and vegetative life.

A discovery
that revolutionises
the understanding
and treatment
of neurological diseases

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Valentonin : key to the discovery

1958-mltA.B. LERNER discovered
Neuroprotective hormone

1961-6mhW.M. Mc ISAAC discovered
Wakefulness hormone

1994-vltJ-B FOURTILLAN discovered
Sleep hormone

This discovery reveals the causes and treatments
of neurological disorders:
– sleep disorders;
– nervous breakdowns;
– neurodegenerative diseases such as
Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.
– and other neurological diseases …

The 3 hormones of the Sleep-Wake system:
protect our body, thanks to melatonin which reduces the amount of oxygenated free radicals that destroy nerve and tissue cells;
– and control its operation, with just two hormones: during the activity period, 6-methoxy-harmalan maintains the body in wake mode, while Valentonin puts the body into sleep mode at night.

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Causes of neurological disorders

The insufficient secretion of the three hormones can cause:
sleep disorders;
nervous breakdowns;
neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s
and Alzheimer’s, where pineal secretions are very limited, if not non-existent;
– and probably other neurological diseases.

The excessive secretion of the three hormones
can cause all kinds of psychotic disorders.

Treatments of neurological disordersillu-vlt

• The treatment of disorders caused
by the insufficient secretion
of the three pineal hormones
requires the simultaneous administration of:
– melatonin, by mouth, in the evening
at bedtime;
– and a dual-compartment transdermal
patch containing Valentonin
and 6-methoxy-harmalan,
applied at bedtime and removed
when waking in the morning.


The treatment of psychotic disorders caused
by the excessive production
of the three pineal hormones
will consist of administering
a single-compartment
transdermal patch containing
Valentonin. This patch will be
applied when waking in the morning
and removed during the day before 10pm.

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For Valentonin and 6-methoxy-harmalan, our present pharmacological knowledge of these 2 endogenous hormones is sufficient to allow these new treatments to be rapidly made available to patients. They will be administered transdermally, as a hormone replacement therapy, in very small doses, corresponding with the physiological secretions of the pineal gland.

European (EP) and International (PCT) are pending.

As soon as we find a Partner Pharmaceutical Laboratory, we will apply for premarket approval, in order to make immediately these new treatments available to patients